Today I’m excited to be joined by a special guest, Carrie Cook of HomeSale Settlement Services, to talk about a very important subject: title insurance.

As you may already realize, there are a number of distinct expenses associated with the home purchase process. Title insurance accounts for one of these costs, but what exactly is it?

According to Carrie, title insurance ensures that no one other than the buyer can claim ownership of the property. When purchasing title insurance, buyers have two options: a standard policy or an enhanced policy.

“In Carrie’s expert opinion, it is never a good idea to forgo title insurance.”

While a standard policy provides the basic protection against false claims of ownership Carrie mentioned earlier, an enhanced policy provides a little extra security. An enhanced title insurance policy also covers things like restrictions and building permit violations. 

If you purchase a property outright using cash, however, you do have the option to waive title insurance. But in Carrie’s expert opinion, it is never a good idea to forgo title insurance. She also advises against waiting until after your home purchase is complete to seek out and obtain title insurance. 

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