To make sure your home sale is a success, there are nine silly little errors you must avoid.

If you plan to list your home, there are nine silly little things that can jeopardize your sale. Avoiding these simple, but critical, errors could make all the difference in your success as a seller:

1. Having no landscaping. A bare yard will cost your home a great deal of appeal. Adding color to your landscaping, instead, will attract buyers and make your listing more alluring overall.

2. Having a cluttered or unsightly porch. Removing items that shouldn’t be visible, like toys or lawn equipment, is key. 

3. Having a plain front door. This feature of your home will play a major role in any buyer’s first impression, so make sure that it leaves a positive impact. 

4. Leaving pet-related items visible during showings. Not every buyer loves animals. So while we may adore our pets, it’s best to remove reminders of them from the home before letting in potential buyers. 

5. Having cluttered or dirty countertops. A few appliances, like a coffee maker or toaster, are okay. But unnecessary clutter, like snacks, should be cleared off. 

“Avoiding these simple, but critical, errors could make all the difference in your success as a seller.”

6. Not clearing out your junk drawer. Buyers are going to open your drawers. If they are stuffed full of clutter, this will prevent them from viewing the storage options in your home at their full potential. 

7. Not adequately cleaning the home. When cleaning your home in preparation for a sale, even out-of-the-way places like window sills should be spotless.

8. Leaving out children’s toys. I know this is frustrating, but it must be done.

9. Leaving closets messy and full. A cluttered closet will make your home seem as though it lacks storage space. 

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